Home Buyer Program

homeownership is possible

with Habitat for Humanity Lakeside

Through our Home Buyer program, Habitat works with buyers in the low-to-moderate income bracket. We serve as the general contractor for the construction or renovation of the home, and once complete, provide an affordable mortgage.
Our successful applicants benefit from receiving simple, decent, and affordable housing, providing stability for families and an opportunity to build wealth. Buyers make monthly mortgage payments which consist of both a principal payment towards the loan, and an escrow payment to cover homeowner’s insurance and property taxes.

How it Works

Home Buyer applicants must be willing to spend “sweat equity” hours over a period of nine to twelve months helping on the building or renovation of Habitat homes, working in our office or ReStore. They must also complete financial education training, and make a small downpayment at closing, in addition to their monthly mortgage payments.

Habitat homes are made affordable through the use of volunteer labor, in-kind partnerships, and the affordable financing model we use.

Application Period:

Our application period is not open at this time. Please check back for updates. Note applicants must attend an informational session to receive an application packet.

Informational Meeting Dates:

No informational meetings scheduled at this time.

how to qualify

for the Home Buyer Program

Individuals and families interested in the Habitat Home Buyer program must meet our program qualifications which include: need, ability to pay, willingness to partner and residency. Each of these qualifications are outlined below.

Need for Housing

Based on current housing conditions, there must be a demonstrated need in order to qualify for a Habitat home. Some examples of need are outlined below. This list is not all-inclusive.

  • Structural/mechanical problems (visible holes or large cracks, leaks, hazardous/toxic materials, electrical issues, plumbing issues, appliances not working, etc…)
  • Inadequate sleeping arrangements (more than two people share a room, children of different genders share a room, people must sleep on the couch or floor, etc…)
  • Unsanitary conditions or health risks out of the applicant(s) control (bugs, rodents, sewage problems, allergy concerns)
  • Homelessness – temporary or transitional housing (family currently living with relatives, friends, in emergency shelter or is otherwise homeless)
  • Current housing does not meet the physical needs of a family member(s)
  • Current cost of housing is greater than 30% of the gross household income
  • Unable to obtain a conventional or government assisted mortgage

Ability to Pay

Ability to pay is determined through the information provided on the application, pay stubs, benefit statements, previously filed federal tax returns, and credit reports. Applicants must have a steady, reliable source of income and demonstrate financial responsibility.

  • Family can afford to pay the monthly house payments (which will include principle, property taxes and homeowner’s insurance) AND projected monthly utilities (electric/gas/water/sewer)
  • Applicants must NOT have filed for bankruptcy within the past 3 years
  • Applicants must NOT have outstanding collections, liens or judgements that cannot be paid off by time of closing
  • Family can afford a down payment at the time of closing

Download the pdf INformation Sheet


The applicant’s gross annual income must fall between the income guidelines as outlined below.

Habitat Lakeside is a special purpose credit program lender and can use many different sources of income to qualify an applicant: wages from employment, SSI, SSDI, housing assistance, retirement, alimony, VA benefits, child support, etc.

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Willingness to Partner

In order to be considered for a Habitat home, a partner family must be willing to complete “sweat equity” hours. “Sweat equity” is when a home buyer takes part in building their own home and other Habitat homes and may include activities such as maintaining a lot (shoveling or mowing lawn), painting, helping with construction, working in the Habitat office, working in the Habitat ReStore or other approved activities. A two-adult family is required to perform a minimum of 400 hours while a single-adult family is required to complete 250 hours. A portion of the sweat equity hours can be completed by family and friends. All of the hours must be completed before the home buyer can purchase the home or move into the home. In addition, the partner family must also be willing to attend home buyer education classes.


All applicants and co-applicants must provide proof that they have lived or worked in Sheboygan County for at least 6 months at the time their application packet is submitted.​

Have questions? Call our office at 920-458-3399 or fill out the form below and our director of homeowner services will follow up with you.

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